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What is Asset Management?

Asset Management is about the process of making use of a company’s assets in order to maximize the value of shareholders. It is also about providing the best possible returns of those assets.

Every company, no matter in which industry, have a range of assets. This can for example include liquid assets, such as goods in stock. It can also include highly liquid assets, which can be pure cash. Not matter which kinds of assets, a company have to manage their own assets and make them work to obtain great returns.

In order for a company to manage their assets in the best way possible, they should make use of tools that can help them creating the best results. To find more information about asset management tools, go to this website and read more about the possibilities.


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The advantages of real time market data

I work at an institutional firm which invest all over the world, primarily within market equity. My company have been a SimCorp user for more than 5 years so far. We are very happy with their solutions, which among other things helps us getting real time market data. Getting data in real-time are very important for our company, because we have to act quick on changing market conditions.

Our company are extremely satisfied with SimCorp’s current version, but even more happy with the new one. The new products from SimCorp consist of clear improvements in terms of performance and functionality. So when our company were offered the opportunity to expand our relations with SimCorp we did not hesitate to say yes.
I can definitely recommend SimCorp’s products to everyone, who want to get quick evidence on the decisions they are taking. Furthermore, the products can make the everyday business easier for you, as you can also automate a lot of your tasks. In this way, you can make your business more efficient.

Importance of managing assets

No matter who you are and whether or not you are a private person or a company, you always need to have an asset manager software. Not having this solution, you will for sure have no control or overview of your assets. It is a good idea to minimize your company’s risk as much as you can and therefore, you should get an asset management software. It will get you a great overview and also it will be the central analysis and decision support platform for you.
If you want to use a single platform in order to minimize your operational risk and a system that, among other things, supports multiple investment processes and management task – the asset management is the right system for you. This system not only improve your business, it also strengthen your competitive advantage within many different areas. So why not say yes to the best help you can get while you do what you do the best.