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Today’s Top Mutual Fund Manager Software

A mutual fund is a group of bonds, commodities and stocks. You buy or sell shares in the fund as opposed to an individual bond or stock. Mutual fund manager software will let you monitor the performance of a mutual fund. The fund manager software will also let you view and compare how your mutual funds are doing against the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard and Poor’s 500 indices.

Steel Mutual Fund Expert

Designed for both the individual investor and financial expert, the Steel Mutual Fund Expert comes with more than 24,000 mutual funds. This fund manager software enables you to choose and find out how a mutual fund performed over a period of time. it also includes a reporting tool that allows you to create and customize reports. You can find out those mutual funds that are over-performing versus those that are under-performing.

Fund Manager

Aside from monitoring the value of your mutual funds portfolio, the Fund Manager will also keep track of all your transactions, like redemptions and purchases. This fund manager software allows you to download live and delayed price quotes from online data sources like Google, Blooomberg and Yahoo!. this fund manager software will also allow you to monitor mutual fund investments in 25 different currencies. Aside from showing you the symbol, you will also see exchange rates.


Individual investors and money managers use FastTrack to look for mutual funds that has the potential to give high returns. This fund manager software comes with a chart so you can conduct more analysis on a mutual fund. With a chart, you can see if the mutual fund is trending upward or downward. FastTrack also comes with technical indicators like RSI, Bollinger bands and moving averages. Technical indicators are representations used by investors and traders to predict the price direction of a fund.


FundTrader automates back-office operations like reconciliation, mutual fund client servicing, trading and tax reporting. It also tracks shareholder account transactions and balances. This fund manager software will keep track of mutual fund broker or dealer’s commissions, orders and sales. It also generates checks for dealers and shareholders with sold shares or are getting dividends.

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Why you need portfolio accounting

Why is portfolio accounting needed and important to any business? Appropriate tools are necessary to assist organizations on how to create, implement and manage their assets. There are many things to consider when looking into the different portfolio accounting solutions. For example, an organization’s physical assets are those large and necessary investments made to produce certain products or services. Aside from that portfolio accounting solutions will allow the organization to achieve success when it comes to the goals that they have set. Furthermore, it is crucial for their competitive advantage. The appropriate use of these solutions will be essential and practical for the organization as a whole.


Supports objectives or strategies set. For an organization to work and achieve growth as well as competitive advantage, their strategies and objectives need to be well defined and communicated properly. In doing such, this organization needs to address customer needs and acknowledge the constraints that the organization operates within so they need to have those portfolio accounting solutions for their organization that will help them do so. These solutions will support them in making sure that such strategies and objectives are met.


Better decisions. Decision making is very important. There are a lot of options these days when it comes to asset management. Since these solutions are necessary for the achievement of organizational goals, choosing the best one is critical for better decision making. Portfolio accounting solutions should be those that allows configuration and will be dependent on certain factors like the size and requirements of the organization. These solutions when appropriately and effectively used will then allow better decisions when it comes to asset management. It is of value to the company and will be utilized to the fullest.


Performance measurement. There are measures used by the organization when it comes to asset management and its performance. These measures will ensure portfolio accounting solutions used by the organization supports their needs. It will showcase the progress of the organization when it comes to asset management. The existence of portfolio accounting solutions will be measured so that the organization can carry out its goals and have continuous improvement initiated.

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