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Do you know?

So, I have a bit of a confession, and it is actually quite an embarrassing one! I am going to Greenland and when I was reading about the trip, I realized that I actually had no idea what glacier is! I mean, I know that it has something to do ice and a lot of ice, but that is about where my knowledge ends. So I had to google it. And now I’ll do you a favor and tell you all about what I found out, because I suspect that a lot of you guys don’t know what it is either. Am I right? If not, you can just stop reading now. But if I am right, the read the following: So glaciers are large amounts of ice that has formed from snow often over a period of centuries. A glacier moves and the reason it moves it due to its own weight. Glaciers can be found on every continent in the world except Australia. And Glaciers are made out of fresh water. This I really did not know either! Ok so that is what I found out about glaciers. It is actually really interesting I think. And I would absolutely love to see a glacier one day.

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