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If you take a walk in the city it might be a little bit difficult to spot, but then I will let you in on the secret: Spring is on its way! This weekend I took a long walk with my puppy in a forest placed on the outskirts of Copenhagen, and the signs of spring were very clear. Little spring flowers are coming out of the ground, the trees have that fresh spring scent to them, and birds are chirping happily away. And I think that us Danes have indeed deserved it. Even though this winter has been one of the warmest ever, it has still been long and dark and draining. So the walk I took yesterdays in the spring-wonderland really did something to my state of mind. I realised that winter isn’t forever, and that summer is on its way. This summer I am travelling to Greenland, to visit my good friend, who is going there to work, and I can only tell you that I am very, very excited about this venture. Greenland has been a lifelong dream of mine, and today I keep watching these amazing Greenland Videos. I am actually a little surprised with how much Greenland has to offer! The landscape is quite versatile and all the different places and tours look very unique. Perfect for a “spring-silly” adventurist like my self.

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