Features and Benefits of Corporate Actions Management Systems

Corporate actions management and processing remains to be a source of risk for the global securities industry. Organizations usually make provisions to protect against losses because of processing errors. It remains to be one of the most inefficient, complex and manual functions that remain the back office posing high operational risk.

The removal of such inefficiencies from daily operations, particularly corporate actions management, is important given the increased volumes and tighter pressure margins in today’s challenging global economic climate. Losses, both reputational and financial, are sustainable from any source.

Having a technologically advanced corporate actions management solution that incorporates automation and workflow plays a big role in both corporate actions management and processing, like valuations, unit pricing and front office position updates. The deployment of a best of breed corporate actions data cleansing and validation capability, with flexible notification and response processing, is an essential step to help deliver a robust corporate actions processing environment.

A corporate actions management solution so many benefits to offer any organization:

  • Full straight-through processing workflow with complete overview. This reduces operational risk of missing elections when action is required on events because of automated processes and accurate event capture and notifications.
  • Automated workflows in every step of the way. This cuts the manual work as customized and automated workflows.
  • System flexibility across the board. This provides scalability as you can effortlessly scale your business to handle growing volumes and diversity.
  • Single platform design with no need for add-ons. This minimizes integration with third-party systems.
  • Full transparency of the whole corporate actions process. This increases productivity as you have the full overview and can track and monitor the entire process via customizable diary views.

Truly, any business can make good use of a corporate actions management solution. Make sure that you purchase tour corporate actions management solution from a reputable provider.